Used Gas Pipeline Pressure Station 6 Units

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Description Description of Combustion Turbine GT 750-6M
Gas compressors transporting gas in long-distance gas pipelines driven by combustion turbines with the output of 6 MW.
The combustion turbine GT 750-6M is a double-shaft unit with a generation section and a driving turbine. The generation (high pressure - HPT) turbine drives the air compressor of aggregate, the driving (low pressure - LPT) turbine is determined to the direct driving of a turbo compressor (turbo blower) connected to the gas pipeline. The aggregate works with an open circuit with regeneration. The fuel is natural gas.
After modernizing the turbine starting equipment a starting electromotor has substituted a starting expansion turbine. This solution in comparison to the original way of starting has economic, ecological, as well as safety advantages.


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