Tomato Paste PLant

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    Negotiated Sales

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    Eng. Shehta AlSahhar

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Description The line includes mainly:

  • Raw tomato receiving + sampling
  • Unloading (by readler system)
  • Temporary storage of raw tomato (by pools)
  • Sorting , processing and concentration, all hosted inside the concentration unit, and including:
  • Blanching for cold break and hot break products: capacity 75 tons/h, steam consumption 12.000 kg/h, installed power 200 kW
  • n.2 BERTOCCHI turbo-refiners mod. HX 100
  • storage tank
  • Three effects/three stadiums evaporator, capacity 72.000 kg/h input raw tomato,  evaporated water 60.000 kg/h, steam consumption 23.300 kg/h
  • FRANRICA flash cooler for sterilization by direct steam injection, holding and flash cooling by vacuum of the concentrated juice
  • Filling by a double headed aseptic filler mod. AF-TH-1000 suitable for any size between 100 and 1150 (I would say 1500) kg + 3 and 5 kg sample bags.


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