Slaughter House

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    Negotiated Sales

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    Eng. Shehta AlSahhar

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The unit consists mainly in stockyards, slaughtering line, cutting and deboning section, meatpacking section, 10 cooling and freezing chambers, and bones and dangerous wastes chambers.
Also includes chilling, heating and compressing air installations, and a water treatment unit.
- Stockyards (120 heads - sacrifices/day)
- Abattoir 40 heads / h (working 3 hours/day)
- Cooling chambers to store 30 Tn of carcasses in process of ventilation and drying - capacity to store one day of sacrifice
- Cooling chambers to store 60 Tn of carcasses
- Cooling chambers to store 7 days (63 Tn) of product production (product cut and stored in vacuum)
- Chamber to store dangerous wastes
- Chamber to store bones
- Automatic cutting section with 16 cutting and deboning stations (24 heads / hour)
- Cooling installation equipped with ammonia compressors
- Chilled water tank
. Hot water installation with boiler 200 Kcal/h
- Hot water recovery tank
- Cleaning installation
- Wastewater treatment plant


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