High Quality Staple Fibre Production

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    Negotiated Sales

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    Eng. Shehta AlSahhar

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Description PET or PPL Staple Fibre, Production capacity with PET 35-50 Tons per day with PP 28 - 40 Tons per day, Four Piovan Hoppers for PET Polymer loading, Five storage silos For PET polymer , One storage container for PP polymer, Five Piovan PET Crystallizing and drying systems,Finish Oil System, Bono Hot Oil system, Evopac Water Cooling System, Hypox Spinnerettes Maintenance Unit, Bandera Twin Screw Extruder with vacuum system (2007), Battaglio Single Screw Extruders , 2000 with Piovan feeders, Erema Fully automatic Melt Filters with melt transfer lines (2007), FL/Toniolo 8 position Short Spinning Units (2007),Neumag Drafter Frames with steam heating, water cooling and Drafter Baths, Neumag Crimpers, Cross Lappers, Neumag Drying Ovens, 4 TFE Cutters , Autefa & Gualehierani Baling Presses , Signode fully automatic strapping systems and Robopac Pallet Wrapping , ecc.


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