Clinker Mill 1500TPD

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    Negotiated Sales

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    Eng. Shehta AlSahhar

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Description Types of Cement:

 Launched in 2002 the Cement Mill I with the capacity of 40t/h and in 2003 they have launched the Cement Mill II with the capacity of 20t/h

 CEM II/A - M 42,5 R ( mark N)

CEM II/B -V 32,5 R - II / B - V 32,5 R/MR (mark N)

Cement Mill I (2003)

-Maker name: FL SMIDTH

-Number of Chambers: 2+1

-Activation: Pinion and Girth Gear (Crown) -Installed Power: 935 KW

-Separator: Third Generation PFEIFFER

-milling Balls 2010 (t) : 25,2

-Capacity: 17,7 t/h(*)

- Energy consuming (KWh/t) : 38,8

 (*)CEM II/B (V) 32,5/ R/MR

 Cement Mill II (2002)

-Maker name: CEMTEC

- Dimensions (m) : 3,4 x 13,2

-Number of Chambers: 2+1

-Activation: Pinion and Girth Gear (Crown) -Installed Power: 1800 KW

-Separator: PFEIFFER Third Generation

-Milling Balls (t) :32,6

-Capacity: 39,1 t/h(*)

 (*)CEM II/B (V) 32,5/ R/MR


 - provide cement in bulk and bagged in 50kg

 - The Cement Mill stopped its operations in 2010 but it is in perfect condition


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