Casting Plant (Foundry)

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    Negotiated Sales

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    Eng. Shehta AlSahhar

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Description High quality Ductile and Grey Iron and Wear and Heat Resistant castings. Incorporating an
extended 100m cooling line which promotes in-mould cooling to ensure superior quality,
surface finish and mechanical properties resulting in improved machinability and castings
requiring little or no additional fettling. Full metallurgy and metrology facilities on site
including – x-ray, ultra-sonic testing, eddy current crack detection, magnetic particle testing
and dye penetrant testing whilst suited primarily to medium to high volume, The Castings
was also able to run lower volumes by utilising the automated die change system.
Up to 400 moulds/hour is achieved on the Disamatic Moulding Line. The Melting capacity
of the ABB Furnaces allows up to 18 tonnes/hour or up to 120,000 tonnes annually.


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