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Description Completion stage: Phase I ( 100/110 TPH cement grinding and packing plant) 100% completed and operated for 16 months.

Plant details: The plant consists of the following main sections

- A quarry with a 105 years reserve of prime quality lime stone suitable for the production of ordinary Portland cement.

- A stone cone crusher 900 tph capacity and all related accessories and conveyors.

- A stacker/ re-claimer with a cover shed. (German origin)

- A raw meal hopper station for the additives dosing and mixing (German origin conveyors & accessories)

- Two hammer crushers (auxiliaries for stone crushing- German origin)

- Raw meal ball grinding mill (German equipment)

- Pre-heater tower made of structural steel and locally fabricated equipment

- Kiln 4mx60m Polysius make

- Clinker cooler with all related accessories from Cemprotec Germany

- Bypass system German origin

- Raw meal silo local construction (Concrete)/ German discharge equipment
- Clinker Silo local construction (Concrete)/ German discharge equipment

- Off-specs. Silo local construction (Concrete)/ German discharge equipment

- Filter Stations (German origin)

- 130 TPH grinding plant (ball mill and gear box of Chinese origin)

- 70 TPH slag grinding plant (Chinese origin)

- Cement silo of about 7000 tons capacity ( concrete) with German discharge equipment

- Slag silo of about 7000 tons capacity (concrete) with German discharge equipment). Interchangeable with the cement silo for flexibility of operation

- Packing plant 100 TPH capacity (German origin).

- Coal grinding plant and transport equipment and storage silos .

- All related conveyors, accessories, controls, power supply panels and power supply MV/LV stations, control rooms, weigh bridges etc…

- The total power supply requested from the local authorities is 40 MW and the transformers required for the step down from the main power supply to the plant’s voltage have already been delivered to site.

- The supplier and consultant will offer a guarantee of production throughput and quality and a warranty of the plant for a period of one year.

- The plant will require a work force of about 50-70 to operate at full capacity.

- The operation will be round the clock for all days of the year and will be stopped only for maintenance and repair of breakdowns.

Balance works still required in the clinker plant to start operation:
• Erection of the stacker reclaimer
• Bag house filter
• Part of the cooler
• Silos roofs
• Peripherals
• Electrical and control equipment


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